2015 SEMA H.M.A. & GM Builds

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2016 Shows And Events

Well it was nice to rest up for the holidays and soon time to hit the 2016 show tour with FearOne LLC SEMA builds. First up for 2016 is C.E.S. Then after SEMA; DUB, Extreme Autofest, H.I.N. etc. will be kicking off their shows for the new year, plus of course events with H.M.A. I like to take this time once again and thank all FearOne sponsors making this possibile with my projects. Speaking of project builds, FearOne now in the process working with Ford for 2016 SEMA show proposal. Maybe this time finally crack Ford awarding FearOne a vehicle since Ford contacted us this time around first with their helpful advice. Nothing for certain, but I would say a postive step in the right direction. With Ford, G.M. and Hyundai 2016 proposals in the mix, FearOne will be leaning towards only doing one project build instead of the two builds and the different challenges that had to be dealt with in 2015.



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