2015 SEMA H.M.A. & GM Builds

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11:29 AM

Hyundai & L.A. Auto Show

Always nice to recieve recognition on our SEMA build's and that hard work and great sponsors products stand out at the show. FearOne is once again honored, this time to be one of only two H.M.A. SEMA builds out of the dozen award a vehicle to be invite to the L.A. auto show for Hyundai's unveailing of the new Elantra by H.M.A. The purpose of the invite is two fold, one of course to show off to the public H.M.A. latest redesign. The other is to get SEMA builder (like FearOne) ideas and thought's for 2016 show. No wonder Hyundai always seems to be one step ahead of the OEM competition, especially at SEMA.


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