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11:01 AM

Final 2015 SEMA Thoughts

It was a super and busy week at SEMA for both FearOne project builds, our 2016 Chevy Colorado and our 2016 Hyundai Tucson.
Fearone's Chevrolet Colorado was voted top ten trucks at SEMA by Transamerica so to say the least that was a great honor. Also, Hot Rod Magazine, and Covercraft did a video and interview for their sites and YouTube. Another honor for FearOne and our sponsor products. Plus the SEMA press FearOne received from our Colorado and Tucson was nice as well. With Our Colorado exterior completely Rhino Lined, and the horse power FearOne sponsors produce with this build, I'm sure caught attendees eyes as well judging by all the attention it received.
Fearone's Hyundai Tucson build for H.M.A. in Toyo Tires Tread Pass booth attracted a pretty good amount of attention and media attention as well for attendees who ventured out to that location between Central and South Hall. Also was nice to see the great response and comments from Hyundai and Fearone's media interview with H.M.A. Plus the fact was nice to know H.M.A. already has FearOne pencil in for 2016 SEMA. On another note, there was some how some miscommunication at SEMA about our Tucson. 2016 Tucson project build like our 2016 Colorado was strictly designed and built by FearOne LLC with the help of our sponsors despite rumors to the contrary. Thank you once again H.M.A. for the opportunity to build a SEMA vehicle for you.  Also, a huge thanks to MHA Creations in AZ. for their custom fabrication on the Tucson.

Also like to mention how well and smoothly run the SEMA Ignited show went, especially after last year and all the problems. A great turn out on SEMA vehicles and I'm still amazed today the number of attendees at the cruse and show. I swear it seem like 50K plus at that one night event. I can not thank my sponsors enough again for all your help and support that makes all this possible with your excellent products on FearOne projects that brings these kinds of rewards at SEMA and of course other major shows and events as well.
Now time to rest up and gear up for next shows, with L.A. Auto Show CA. and to kick off 2016, C.E.S. in L.V.


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