2012 Chevrolet Sonic GM SEMA Project

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11:59 AM

Day 1 & 2 SEMA Recaps

These links for the ones that could not make SEMA. Some of the highlights from around the show and not just about Fearone http://www.semashow.com/day-1-highlights  http://www.semashow.com/day-2-highlights

As mention before just another amazing week with cars and attendees as always. I would also like to take this time and thank GM and Bob Kern for everything they have done for Fearone. And for the honor representing them in builds and especially Fearone winning the 'Best Small Car" award for GM and Chevrolet.

On a personal sad note for Fearone, Bob Kern is retiring end of this year. Fearone will miss his input and advice but more important his friendship over the years. We wish Bob all the best and also welcome Tom Gardner taking over the reines there at GM on SEMA build projects.   

Now time for Fearone to kick back, and then start gearing up for 2013 shows and of course SEMA. It's been another fast busy 2012 show season, but more fun and challenges in 2013 we here at Fearone are looking forward to.   


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